Monday, February 07, 2011

Mr. Dressup - Theme Song

This tune can transport you back in time, to old friends and beloved places. The classic theme from Mr. Dressup was composed by Donald Himes (who sadly passed away last month). Unforgettable.


  1. Anonymous2/03/2013

    I miss Mr. Dressup so much!!! No other children's show can come close to it. I would love for my child to be able to enjoy the show as I did, but sadly all that's left are a few partial episodes on dvd. I tried to contact cbc to re-air the show, but to no avail. And they say the family owns the rights... does anyone know how to contact the family of Ernie Coombs, to ask them to please allow more episodes to be released on dvd??

    1. Unfortunately I don't know their contact info. Perhaps CBC would know of the family's contact info. If I or anyone else comes across it here, I'll be sure to post the info.

  2. I was on the Arse-end of the "Rabbit ears" period of TV when kids didn't watch cable and just watched whatever was OTA. I used to watch Mr. Dressup a lot back then. It was a simpler time when you didn't need flashy gimmicks or 3d animation to make a TV show. Just a simple premise and a bit of music and you were on your way. Would love to see more Mr. dressup on TV but there's good odds it won't happen because most of the modern generation of kids would not get it. It's too slow and too old for them.


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