Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Popeye Cigs

Before they evolved into politically correct (in other words, a touch more health-oriented and less fun) "candy sticks", Popeye Candy Cigarettes were the stuff of dreams.

Who needed rolled up paper or paper towels (as was customary in my household), when little dreamers, actors, playwrights, goofballs etc. were blessed with the opportunity to fake a cig and chew bubblegum all rolled into one - literally.

The chalky sticks never lead me to smoke a real cigarette, as the adults had feared. They came equipped with red tips to further the illusion of a lighted cigarette. Sometimes when puffing upon one of these priceless relics the chalky substance from which it was made would release a "smokey" vapor-like effect. And thus, elderly aunties and grannies alike could be fooled if only for a few moments, soap operas could be reenacted, and super heroes and their evil counterparts could meet with a bit more panache. Or so it seemed. And that was the fun of it all.

Hats of to the ingenious inventor. Hats off to Popeye, who I only ever saw smoke a pipe.


  1. I don't remember this specific brand but do recall my brother and I sometimes getting the candy cigarettes when we walked to the store in our neighborhood. I'm glad that you did this post which brought back my memory of that.

  2. Thank you Lara Ann. So happy you liked the post. I miss those cigs!

  3. LOL Use to get those all the time with my former neighbors and best child hood friends and yeah it was that kind.

    You can still get them in the dollar stores and probably other places now but now they go by the name of Candy sticks. :p

    I know Dollarama has them. Don't know if you have any of those where you live?

  4. Dollarama has them? Then it's off to Dollarama, I go! :)


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