Wednesday, February 23, 2011

TVO Launches New Digital Public Archive

TVO Launches New Digital Public Archive #retro:

"Toronto - TVO is pleased to announce the launch of its new digital Public Archive, a free online resource that unlocks four decades of made-at-TVO educational programming that stands the test of time."

For those of you lovely folks who grew up outside of southern Ontario, TV Ontario or TVO as it is called was that magical childhood place where friends (cartoon, puppet or otherwise) lived. You can be sure that every child within ear shot developed an attachment to one or more of said friends and spent countless hours watching, singing or playing along. Undoubtedly, learning of the new digital and retro archive is one of those jaw dropping and special moments that makes grownups act like children on Saturday morning.


  1. Oh how cool is that.
    Thanks for posting. :)

  2. It's wonderful isn't it? Glad you liked the post! :)


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