Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Siblings Raggedy

American writer Johnny Gruelle created the iconic rag doll heroine Raggedy Ann for his beloved daughter Marcella, in 1915. Tales of the doll's adventures were published three years later as Raggedy Ann Stories. The exploits of Raggedy Ann's brother, the aptly named Raggedy Andy followed in 1920. Like many children, I discovered the siblings Raggedy by spotting their unmistakable doll-counterparts seated limply (but ever so wide-eyed and amused) on the toy shelf of my kindergarten classroom. It was love and fascination at first sight. Click on the links above to enjoy the original texts and illustrations by Johnny Gruelle.


  1. My brother and I still have our Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls - 3 sizes of each. I took pictures of them to do a post about this soon. We must've liked them alot when we were kids, I can't really remember that well.

  2. Wow, 3 sizes of each! Awesome. :)


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