Friday, April 29, 2011

Other Wedding

On Wednesday, 29 July 1981, I awoke at dawn and gathered around the telly with my family and multitudes around the world (well not literally), to watch that other wedding. To arise at such an hour with one's parents and sibling was indeed indicative of some mysteriously grand event. As it happened (in between naps), there was an air of magic to the whole affair: the stuff of daydreams. Rebroadcasts were welcome. Mugs were purchased. Newspaper clippings were gathered and preserved with loving attention albeit not very well...

Oh but it did seem like a fairytale, despite the reality. Through the eyes of a child, indeed.


  1. I never did watch Princess Di's wedding but I remember being kind of excited about it and seeing it on the news. I still have an article about her that was in Seventeen magazine in the early 1980s - it might even be from before she got married. I hope that you have been doing well lately. I haven't really been on the computer much lately and have just started getting back into it.

  2. Thanks LaraAnn. :) I missed you. Just went to visit your lovely blog. I love that you still have the article from the early 80s. I wish I had kept mementos from back then.


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