Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

An enduring memory I have of my mother and a testament to her love, occurred in the late 70s.

As I recall, it was a weekday morning and a blizzard was approaching: you could feel it in your bones. The weather in the late 70s, if anything was memorable. Having just had major surgery, Mum was on bed rest with strict instructions to avoid heavy lifting or work of any kind. What was to be a morning of rest, however, quickly turned into one of alarm.

The phone call from the elementary school informed that her youngest child was amid the throws of a fierce bout of asthma. At the time, my dad regrettably worked for a monster of a woman who lacked even the simplest shred of compassion and refused to give him time off to pick up a sick child from school (fully aware of local weather conditions and also that my mother was at home convalescing).

Since she did not drive, my mother, recuperating from a hysterectomy, walked to the elementary school in a blizzard, to pick up her ailing offspring.

The finer details of that morning have escaped me and I have more or less (mercifully) blocked out vivid recollections of my asthma attacks but I do remember the struggle to breathe and walk home over mounds of snow alongside my weak mother and older brother (I don't remember how he got there but I'm assuming he was called to help by the school). As it turned out, our direction home meant that we had to walk directly into the wind and torrent of snowfall. At one point, I hunched over, holding my knees with my hands, panting...I could go no further. My mother then lifted me up and carried me home with no regard to her tender surgical wounds or stitches. She simply was on a mission to get her kids home. She lovingly urged us to keep going, never once becoming angry or impatient.

She brought us home safely that day. When it came to her children, everything else came second for Mum, including herself.


  1. Wow - your mom sounds like such a wonderful woman. It was awful of your dad's boss not to let him go pick you up. I remember that my friend Stacey had asthma. I'm glad that you shared this story - it made me appreciate some of the things that mom did for me as a kid even more.

  2. Thank you so much Lara! I always appreciate your comments but this was especially lovely. From what I've read about your mom on your blog, she sounds like a wonderful person indeed. I'm so happy she came home from the hospital for mother's day!

  3. The same convictions were of my own beloved Mother, she sacrificed so much and endured so much just to make sure her children were okay and had all they needed. Mom and Dad both were this way. This article made me sad.


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