Monday, May 09, 2011

Little Miss and Mr. Men

Google Doodles did it again. Remember their nod to Scooby Doo? This time, they paid homage to an author/illustrator whose iconic story books have been gracing childhoods for 40 years. Today would have been the 76th birthday of Roger Hargreaves, the creator of the "Little Miss" and "Mr. Men" books. The series boasted a cast of beloved, silly and unforgettable characters: 

Remember these titles?

Images: Google and Guardian.


  1. Oh I remember those. One neighbor hood kid birthday I was introduced to those books in a party favorite take away bag and I was hooked too.
    I was totally fascinated with the funny character that was simple in design too. I got the Mr bump book.
    I think later I ended up giving the book away since one of my best friends younger brother really wanted it badly. So I guess it was fair to give it to him since he was younger.

    I also have a few of the toons that came out a number of years ago on what was once UPN. The newer ones that were on the Cartoon net just weren't up to par and just repeated things over and over.

    Anyways sorry for not being around much. But I have a habit of not being on line much when I'm working on stuff.

  2. K_Tigress: Welcome back. It's always fun when you stop by! :)

    I used to give away so many of my toys/books to younger kids for the same reasons but I now regret it - because I miss those toys/books! :P

  3. remember them indeed - I used to read them to my two kids... who are now 20 and 15 respectively. They are still on the shelf as they are one bit of childhood they won't let me remove :-)

    In the UK Mr Men will always be associated with Arthur Lowe. Great old actor who voiced the cartoon series on the telly of them. He had a great Granddad manner in the way he told them, he provided all these little hrmmpph sounds etc. (I don't do it justice at all there) for the characters etc. Very sweet TV which wouldn't get a look in with producers these days there wouldn't be enough kerblamp in your face stuff for today.

  4. Hello Furtheron! I recall seeing you on Jackie's blog (Deep in the Forrest). Welcome :)

    I do recall the Arthur Lowe cartoons and yes he was one of a kind. The cartoons nowadays don't measure up. Storytelling was in a league of its own.


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