Monday, May 30, 2011

Play Ball

'Tis the season for baseball. I recall the varied styles of the sport that I had the good fortune (or misfortune, depending on how you look at it) to participate in:

There were the forced and frightening grade school variety where one's gym teacher displayed the charisma and compassion of a despot (I was terribly unfortunate in the gym teacher department). Sweat dripping on brow, a class of thirty plus eager to cast judgement: a do or die moment. I admit it, I was a Charlie Brown type athlete with strong hints of Lucy. . .you get the picture.

There were also the impromptu neighbourhood pick-up games involving any kid available or interested - these were fun but still carried the social pressure element to them. The potential for humiliation and ridicule ever present.

My favourite "versions" of baseball however, were those I played with my brother and close friends. There was no pressure, just pure joy and love of the game. Granted we sometimes invented our own rules - like altering base numbers, having ghost runners and variations on batting or pitching style or what exactly constituted a ball (sometimes a ball could be anything that could be thrown). At the end of the day, the beauty of it all was the fun we had and inspiration we gained - rules be damned.


  1. Oh how I hated gym class - I was almost always the last one chosen for any team. I admit that I was bad at all sports. Your playing baseball for the enjoyment of the game memories are nice though - wish that I could have been part of your team.

  2. LaraAnn, I wish we grew up in the same neighbourhood. We would have had so much fun. I would have loved to be on your team. I hated gym class too - my teachers were not the inspiring kind. They had no problem degrading people though, they seemed to enjoy it. If they had just taught us to take ownership of our physical abilities and play for would have been different. I was always picked last too.


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