Sunday, May 15, 2011

On My Favourite Toys List

One Christmas, many moons ago, I received a curly-haired baby doll replete with tub and shower. A simple addition of batteries and water produced a Christmas morning that was more magical than could be expected. Indeed, I went nuts over the simple joy of bathing a toy. It made such an impression that it reserved a sacred spot on my favourite toys list.

Regrettably, I did not take pictures of my toys. The images below are as close to replicating the doll/tub set I received as a child, as I could possibly find online. They were spotted some time ago (after months of diligent searching) on eBay and other such websites. I unfortunately cannot remember the exact sources, my apologies.


  1. Neat. I always wanted the Baby Alive and a doll house. Never got neither.

    Sooooo I just pretended with what I had ( a bunch of cheepo plastic dolls) and made a mess of my dolls sometimes. LOL
    I also tried to make my own doll house but I only got as far as making a dresser, bed and maybe some other little things. (still have the little plates and mugs I made out of play clay in an old curio box) Guess it was too much for a little girl at the time. :D

  2. I also wanted a Baby Alive when I was little. I wish you got your dollhouse though. I received one, one Christmas and it was magical. One of my favourite gifts ever. I love how creative you are - in making your own toys. Ever the artist, even at a young age.

    My brother and I used to make houses for our smurfs out of old cookie boxes, and those green strawberry (plastic) baskets that are sold in grocery stores. Fun times! :)


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