Sunday, June 19, 2011

Brady Bunch: Father of the Year

Click to watch Marcia's tribute to Mike
(isn't it lovely when Marcia is actually nice?)


  1. I really enjoyed watching that clip. My brother and I used to love that show. I like the skirt that Carol was wearing - in fact, all of their outfits were pretty groovy.

    The actors who played Cindy and Bobby were recently part of an autograph signing show that my brother and I were thinking of going to but passed on. It would have been kind of cool to see them.

  2. It would have been really cool to see Cindy and Bobby! Maybe you can go next time. I'm glad you liked the clip, very touching isn't it? I love all the effort Marcia goes through.

    And yes, so many of their outfits were amazing. Loved that era. :)


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