Saturday, July 09, 2011

A Boy Named Charlie Brown

This song makes one's eyes well up. Ah.

PS: There was a lovely comment left by Lazlo below, a must read.


  1. OMG. This episode, not just the song, but the whole cartoon about Charlie being in the spelling bee, makes me misty eyed. He seems to be alone through the whole thing.

    Whats really sad is that his friends all treat him like he's a big loser. Lucy, I seem to recall, said that "fifty percent of Chalie Brown is fifty percent of nothing." Thats something you should never say to anyone, that theyre nothing. Even his friend Linus seems to feel, at the end, that Charlie failed.

    But the truth is, if you really think about it, that he really won more than he lost. I mean, he made it to just about the very end of a nationwide spelling bee. I always thought someone should pat him on the back and tell him that, and wish him a warm congratulations for making it so far.

  2. Lazlo, I think that's one of the most beautiful comments ever on this blog. I think I'll frame it. :) Thank you. I couldn't agree with you more. A Boy Named Charlie Brown (in fact most Peanuts specials) have always given me a pang in my stomach and the tears are inevitable. They really capture the hurt of childhood: the struggles, the loneliness, the hopes, the losses...

    I also wanted someone to comfort him at the end but I guess that's the beauty of Schulz, he tells it like it is and always keeps you wanting more.


  3. Aw, shucks. Thank you both for the compliments. :)

    I do remember seeing "A Boy Named Charlie Brown" a few years ago on a cable channel. It had been awhile since I'd seen that particular Charlie Brown cartoon, but I remembered it from my childhood. It surprised me how deep it was, and sad in some ways. As strange as this may sound, it actually affected me for a number of days. But I guess thats a sign of what a remarkable genius Charles Schultz was, that it could have such a deep impact.

  4. I can't beleive that I had forgotten about this. It has been many years since I've seen it. I completely agree with what lazlo said. I hate it when people are so mean. No wonder Charlie has such low self esteem issues - he doesn't even get support from his friends. I can totally relate to how he is feeling.I was picked on alot during my schooldays and presently I am often criticized by my brother. I enjoy seeing the Peanuts stuff on your blog. I recently started reading the comics section in the paper again and the Peanuts have always been my favourite one.

  5. Lara: it used to drive me crazy when the kids picked on Charlie Brown, I always wanted to give him a hug. Sorry your schooldays were tough - if it's any consolation, mine were exactly the same too. But it's made us stronger.

    I'm glad you like the Peanuts stuff here. They are my absolute favorite. Did you notice that their Twitter account retweeted you the other day? Cool. I'll keep adding more Peanuts stuff for us to enjoy.



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