Friday, July 29, 2011

The One Where I'm Scared Shitless of Deer

Mum, Bro and I - circa late 70s.

This post is for Lara. In particular, it's a response to her lovely post entitled Turtleback Zoo - 1974 which features adorable photos of a wee Lara in the company of deer. Her photos are idyllic with a magical quality to them. I suspect it's the type of photo my parents were trying to capture on an outing one day when we found ourselves amid a herd of grazing deer (it was either at a zoo, Marine Land or some place with lots of deer). Instead, as you can clearly see from the photo above, I was petrified of said deer. I cried and put up such a fuss. An anti-deer feeding rebellion, if you will. My parents gently tried to coax me (well knowing my dad, he may have yelled a little but I can't remember) and even pointed out small babies who were petting the deer. For a few moments, I stopped wailing and watched the tykes barely out of diapers feeding hungry deer straight from their precious little hands...and then I cried some more. Finally, with much trepidation, I agreed to the photo above. My body language is screaming: "let's do this thing, fast!"

I do love dipping into our family photo album archive. With every snap shot there's a story and a look at who we once were or perhaps still are. A reminder of the journey we've been on. And of course there's also the fashion commentary and the period ensembles we once rocked.

Go 70s!


  1. That's such a cute picture! Too bad the deer were freaking you out, but with so many surrounding you it *does* look a little bit like a horror movie...Invasion of the Baby Deer.

  2. Thanks so much Pam! Invasion of the Baby Deer sounds kind of scary :P

  3. Sure looks like Marine Land. I have a few pics like that from 82 what my aunt visited from Europe.

    I went again a few years back it really hasn't changed much other then a few additional attractions and the more higher entrance price. LOL

    Love the pic. Love the name of the zoo too.

  4. Hi Tina! So glad you are back. :)

    Yes, I do believe you are correct about Marine Land. My brother said that too. There are so many places we visited as a kid that they all blur into one. Glad you liked the pic. I hope you post yours too!

    Yes we stopped going to Marine Land b/c of the increasing prices. I do miss those dolphins/whales though.

  5. Chelly - It was so nice of you to mention my post in yours. I love your photo despite the fact that you do look terrified. I wish that it could have been a more pleasant experience for you. Wow - that is alot of deer there, maybe if there had been this many at my zoo I would have been scared too. I can't wait to see more photos from your family album.

  6. Aww, thanks so much Lara. You're always so sweet! Now that I do look at that picture, there are an awful lot of deer there. Thanks for making me feel better. :)

    I'll try and post more pics soon!


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