Friday, August 19, 2011

70s Photo Album: Tourists

At the Ontario Hydro Floral Clock on the Niagara Parkway.
I like looking at the folks in the background. Like my pouty face?

In a motel at Thousand Islands.
A real place, not the salad dressing.

The Accidental tourists.
Not sure where we went but we went along. Although this was shot at home. Nifty threads, eh?


  1. You certainly don't look that thrilled about being there in that one photo. Or maybe you just wanted the picture taking to be over with. The outfits are just so cool, I always love seeing the fashions from back then. The rug in your hotel reminds me of the one that we had in our living room in the 70s then put in the basement. I truly enjoyed seeing your family photos, thanks for sharing them. You've inspired me to post some more of my vacation photos soon. I scanned a bunch of Disney World ones.

  2. Thanks so much Lara. I think I was tired of taking so many pics. LOL! I love fashions and furnishings from the 70s. Always make me nostalgic. Aw thanks, Lara - can't wait to see all your pics. Always fun.

  3. Is that clock still there?

    1. Hi Mimi :) Not sure about the clock, I haven't been there in ages.


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