Friday, August 26, 2011

Brady Bunch Paperbacks

Lara kindly passed along pics of her Brady Bunch paperbacks via her impressive (and I mean impressive) collection of childhood memorabilia. Both were written by Jack Matcha and presented by Tiger Beat (remember them?) for the high cost of 95¢. The books provide a wee glimpse into Brady mania which extended far beyond the show (and variety hour) and into the "literary" world. Perhaps the pages of a book provided ample room for the suspension of disbelief rule to take effect: dealings with mysterious strangers and adventures on the high seas. This family got around.

The book on the left is entitled "The Brady Bunch in The New York Mystery". A synopsis on the cover reveals:

"A trip to New York turns into a dangerous adventure when Peter turns photographer and the family becomes involved with four mysterious strangers!" 

Wasn't Greg the resident photographer in the Brady household? If I recall correctly, football games and cheerleader portraits were his specialty. I guess he was busy that week.

The book on the right is called "The Brady Bunch in Adventure on the High Seas":

"Follow TV's famous family as a planned vacation aboard a steamship turns into a dangerous and exciting mystery when jewel thieves board the Bradys' ship!"

This family can never have simple, relaxing vacations: think Hawaii and also Jan losing Mike's plans on that trip to King's Island Amusement Park.

The Brady's will never cease to amuse. Thank you Lara!


  1. I can never get too much of the Brady Bunch, thanks for posting these pics Chelly--they brought back some good memories. As a kid in the early 70s, I must've owned a dozen of these Brady Bunch (and Partridge Family) "mysteries" :)

  2. Chelly - Your very welcome. I am glad that you enjoyed seeing these books. I immediately thought of you when I was looking through the photos of my childhood stuff that I put in folders on the computer. And thanks so much for the compliments about my collection. Brother always complains that I have too much stuff so it was nice to hear something positive about it. I'm sure that people are going to really like this post - you did a great job of writing about these books.

  3. Whatever happened to.... now is the Brady Bunch story one of those sad affairs where you find out that they were all in bed together, taking loads of drugs, binge boozing etc. or not... ?

  4. Thank you all for the great comments!

    Doug: I can never get too much of the Brady's either! They had Patridge family mysteries too? Awesome.

    LaraAnn: Thanks so much for the kind words Lara. You were such a sweetie to let me use the pics. I love your collection - so inspiring.

    Furtheron: I think there was some form of canoodling going on. I heard Greg was high during an episode or two. He (Greg) went on a harmless "date" with Mrs. Brady once. Also, Greg and Marcia had a thing. I also think Marcia had a thing for Jan. I seriously have to get their autobiographies to sort it all out. :) But they all remain good friends and like a close family (well at least everyone but Jan - I think).


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