Tuesday, August 09, 2011

On a Summer's Night

There's nothing like the simple pleasures found on a Summer's night.


  1. This is so true. Iremember alot of nice things about summer nights esp from my grade school years, including staying up late and watching TV. My brother liked to catch fireflies and I did too for a time but then touching those bugs creeped me out.

    Seeing the Peanuts gang around the campfire like that brings back good memories of Girl Scout camp and of making s'mores.

  2. All your memories sound so warm and cozy Lara. Fireflies are so pretty but I'm with you and would be creeped out to touch them! :)

    Staying up late was so much fun. My brother and I used to hang out on our balcony and look at the stars or watch cars, neighbours pass by. Or just play games. We were safe and still at home but outside. So it was ideal that late at night.

    I was never in Girl Scouts. You must tell us more of your stories. I love s'mores too.

    I wrote a post previously called "Good Things About a Summer's Day". I think I'll do one for a Summer's night as well. Thanks for the inspiration Lara. :)

  3. Stargazing was always fun. My brother actually had a telescope in the mid 1980s and I remember looking up at Haley's comet with it. We also enjoyed our games. The smells and sounds of summer are great as well. I'll have to check out that post that you mentioned and will look forward to seeing the night one too.

    I definitely will access my memory banks for more Scouts stories and write them down to share with you soon. Have a great weekend.


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