Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy 75th Jim Henson

Google Doodles and the Jim Henson Company have collaborated to commemorate what would have been Jim Henson's 75th birthday (today September 24th) with an interactive Muppet themed doodle. The doodle features six original Muppet characters. Pointing your mouse over each of these characters (who have cleverly spelled out "Google" with their bodies) grants users powers of digital puppetry. Très cool.

Worth reading is a touching guest post written by Jim's son Brian (Chairman of the Jim Henson Company) on the Google Blog. Here's a snippet:

"Although he loved family, his work was almost never about “traditional” families. The Muppets were a family—a very diverse one. One of his life philosophies was that we should love people not for their similarities, but for their differences.

Jim often had a little lesson about the important things in life: How to be a good person. How to believe in yourself and follow your dreams. And above all, how to forgive. If anything was stolen from one of us—like when the car was broken into—he would always say, “Oh well, they probably needed that stuff more than we did.”

He loved gadgets and technology. Following his lead, The Jim Henson Company continues to develop cutting-edge technology for animatronics and digital animation, like this cool Google doodle celebrating Jim’s 75th birthday. But I think even he would have found it hilarious the way today some people feel that when they’ve got their smartphone, they no longer need their brain."

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  1. Google can be quite fun when they decide to celebrate something or so9meone, and they re-do their logo. I played around with the Google muppets a bit. I do have fond memories of Jim Henson's creations growing up, on Sesame Street and the Muppet Show. I'm glad they are continuing, kind of like the work of Walt Disney continues after his passing.


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