Sunday, September 25, 2011

Library Cards

Created by knotandbow on Etsy

I spotted this beautiful multicolored set of old school library sign-out cards on Tumblr and simply had to blog about it. These cards are pure nostalgia for childhood enthusiasts and book lovers alike.

There's no use going to school unless your final destination is the library.”
Ray Bradbury

My elementary school library was that last safe bastion, akin to a holy shrine where a child could take sanctuary and escape the pressures of unimaginative classrooms and unruly teachers. I walked through its aisles with such reverence and wide-eyed wonder, after all it was there where one could jump into a story. What would children do without story-time? After rummaging through shelves of treasures, there was always the signing out process. The filling in of those lovely cards and the subsequent stamp of the resident librarian was like an official badge acknowledging your book-finding hunt and the resulting booty you hauled in. Your name would be remembered and revered (or so some of us thought). Take that future readers, someone got there before you did!

Simple joys.


  1. I enjoyed this Chelly, both the cards and your thoughts brought back good memories--you have a nice way with words. :)

  2. Thank you so kindly! :) Happy you enjoyed the post. School libraries tend to bring out good memories don't they? Cheers.

  3. My home town library was a sanctuary for me as well. When I was a kid, and into my teens, the library of my home town was housed in an old former bank building downtown. There was actually a particular location in library where there was a chair, right next to a window, where I would always go for comfort. It was right next to where they had the magazines, including all the old editions in bound volumes, which I would love to look through. I almost always took my walkman radio and headphones with me, so that I could listen to my music and read at the same time . . . happy in my own little world.

  4. Sounds lovely! There's nothing like having a window all to yourself with a good book in hand. And music makes it even better.

  5. indeed - it is all computers and bar scanners now... no fun in that, you can't see who was last to read it, how many people had to renew it to finish it etc.

  6. Furtheron: exactly! Those were the simple joys indeed. It was always a treat to read the long list of names. :)


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