Saturday, September 10, 2011


Adam's Mini Chiclets
Adam's Mini Chiclets by joad_henry on Flickr

There's only one way to enjoy a packet of mini-Chiclets (think rainbow-coloured Chiclets smashed into even tinier pieces—not to be confused with the those two-Chiclet packets that are doled out at Halloween):

  1. Pour said packet(s) into one's mouth.
  2. Giggle ridiculously.
  3. Chew until flavour wears out. 
  4. Aim and spit the accumulated wad of gum from one's mouth into the nearest garbage can. The louder the thud on landing, the greater the pride in the wad.

It's one of those little moments from childhood that I tend to remember, for the pure happiness it brought. Now to locate a packet locally and relive those simple joys.


  1. I don't really remember the mini versions of this but it sounds like you had fun chewing them. Mom liked us getting the Trident brand. I always remember the day that this mean neighborhood girl spit her gum into my hair. I was about 7 years old.

  2. Trident was fun too. I loved the chiclets for the way the bite-sized pieces looked, felt and tasted.

    That's terrible that some nasty girl spit gum in your hair. It's so hard to get out. And you were so young! I hope she was punished or you know....had to face the wrath of other neighbourhood kids. :)

  3. She definitely deserved punishment but probably didn't get it - from what I remember she was a very spoiled girl and alot of the kids were afraid of her. I'm pretty sure that one of the things that my mom used to get that gum out of my hair was peanut butter. I'd ask her but I'm not sure she'd remember either.


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