Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Those Pretty Brick Walls

Ah, with September comes another school year. In each of our histories, there was that first day of school. Let's hope the kids out there have a wonderful time. Easier said than done, right? I know it far too well. Oh if those pretty brick walls could talk.

Elementary school: that early and raw introduction to the real world - filled with all the harshness, loneliness, rejection, ambivalence, dreams, hopes, failures, successes etc...that we continue to face every day as adults. When I look back and explore some of my earliest scholarly experiences, I'm stunned that I came out in one piece. Of course it was not in every school year that I found bullies in the hallways, classrooms (especially the teacher variety), schoolyard or during the sometimes harrowing journey home. These were mercifully spread out...for my enlightenment (or so I'm inclined to believe). In contrast, there truly were some incomparable moments of joy, connection, community and creativity. That smell of newness and hope dripping off of your school books, clothes, lunch boxes, erasers and friendships...was something to behold.

I wish I could bottle it, keep it and give it a hug.

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