Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Memories

Aside from free candy, the best thing about Halloween when
you're a kid is that you get to wear costumes and sometimes
even design them yourself.

Once in awhile, however, you may in fact see ghosts, goblins,
and witches in a less than amusing light.

But worry not my friend, for those moments are only temporary:
the fear passes and joy reigns supreme. After all, you're a kid
and it's Halloween! So get to it.


  1. We weren't very original with our costumes. I was an angel 3 times and Raggedy Ann once. Mom made ours which was nice. I think the last year that we went trick or treating was 1982 and that I was a gypsy.

  2. Raggedy Ann, an angel a gypsy, that's pretty creative to me!! Awesome in fact. :) Love that your mom made your costumes.

  3. Outside of a couple years when I had a store-bought costume, I was on my own. One year my mom thought it would be funny to dress me up like a girl, that being the costume. I wore my sister's flowergirl dress from my other sister's wedding. Everyone thought I was a little girl dressed up like a princess. Mortifying for a second grade boy.

    Another year, I attempted to disguise myself as a werewolf using some of my mom's makeup and official "Vampire Blood" I'd bought at the dime store. I also had a pair of those plastic vampire teeth I broke in half so I would just have the bottom half for a toothy werewolf grin. Everyone thought I was a hobo. Even these failed attempts weren't enough to spoil me on the holiday. To this day, I still love Halloween.


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