Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Days - Haunted

Hmm, what did Richie see to frighten him so?

Old Lady that you?

The Halloween themed episode of Happy Days entitled "Haunted" aired on
October 29, 1974 during the sitcom's second season. To their credit, the writers crafted a tale worthy of Halloween while being loyal to the charming interactions of the Cunningham family and their neighbours (this of course was before the series literally jumped the shark). As the episode begins, Ralph announces that his annual Halloween party will be held at the old Simpson house—a house which local legend deems to be haunted by the deceased and headless former house-mistress "Old Lady Simpson". Richie is thrown into the complicated dynamics of teenage socializing while navigating through his fears about the local legend. The best moments of this episode naturally feature Richie as he explores the house alone—the rustic and eerie feel of the abode are brilliantly conveyed to the audience and of course there are those endearing discussions with his father. Dear Mr. Cunningham, the epitome of fatherhood. He always knew what to say and how to say it.

I remember watching "Haunted" with my face firmly planted behind a large pillow, in the off chance the episode went sinister on us with Old Lady Simpson avenging her territory by killing off Richie. Richie thankfully survived the episode and so did my younger self. Now of course, it's simply must see retro sitcom viewing.


  1. Great stuff, Chelly! I don't remember this particular Happy Days episode but I'll definitely check out the clips. I hope Richie brought Fonzie as backup when he ventured into the haunted house...there wasn't much that Fonzie was afraid of!

  2. Thanks so much Pam! It's a fun episode for sure. Looking back on the series, there wasn't much Fonzie was afraid of, except I think surgery — he didn't like that much. :)

  3. I did like Happy Days moreso during the first couple of years but then Fonzie took over the show too much. I still watched it though. I have a black and white 8x10 cast shot in my scrapbook. I thought that my brother still had his Fonzie doll but when I checked his toy tote it wasn't in there which was disappointing. I do still have the Fonzie pendant that was on my necklace.

    When I get the time I will have to watch this since like Pam I can't really recall this episode.

  4. HA! Probably my favorite Happy Days episode EVER! (I dig all of the early ones however) Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Darrin: so happy you enjoyed it. :) It's an episode I always remember—mainly for the fear it elicited in me as a kid! LOL. Great episode all around. I too am a huge fan of the early episodes. Just a different vibe about them.

    Lara: I used to have a Fonzie purse! I wish so much that I still had it. :) It's cool that you have a cast photo. And the pendant sounds too cute. Too bad your brother doesn't have the doll anymore though.

    And yes I agree the Fonz totally took over the show. Way too much. Sort of like Urkel did on Family Matters.

  6. One of my top Happy Days episodes, mainly because it was about Halloween and spooky old houses. I always loved the Halloween episodes of shows.


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