Sunday, October 30, 2011

Someone's Giving Out Candy?

"What is this? What did you say? Someone's giving out candy? Who's giving out candy? EVERYONE WE KNOW is just giving out candy!"

A lovely read for Halloween and childhood enthusiasts alike, is Jerry Seinfeld's children's book aptly called "Halloween" (2002). It's been awhile but I briefly discussed this book in a previous post. Beautifully illustrated by James Bennett, "Halloween" is a journey through the comedian's memories of childhood daydreams, costume planning and most importantly candy-getting strategies. I love this book not only for the illustrations (a reader could get lost gazing into each page) but also simply for its honesty. Seinfeld shares such candid moments as the discovery of Halloween, to the anticipation, preparation and launching of the big night—all through the eyes of a child. He captured several moments that I forgot about—and I reflect on such matters often. It's a fond look back but also an off-handed psychological analysis of what a kid experiences during that magical and seemingly inconceivable season of trick-or-treating.

I scanned in (apologies in advance for the poor quality, the book is far larger than my scanner) a few of my favorite passages (see below). This is a gem of a book, one every childhood fan needs in their library.

Mothers and Halloween: a coat is always a must—even if you live in an apartment building!

I myself cannot remember one Halloween without one of those masks (universal and undecipherable—as to what the costume is supposed to be, in my opinion). The rubber bands had short lifespans indeed.

But in the end it was always about the candy wasn't it?


  1. Chelly I can't believe I didn't see this sooner--I love Jerry Seinfeld (and Halloween too as that's also my birthday), I laughed out loud when I saw his younger self trudging out the door in that winter coat--thanks for sharing, I gotta get this book!

  2. That's a great day to have your birthday! This book really takes you back in time and helps you relive that wonder of those early Halloweens. I love that scene when he's trudging out the door too. :)

  3. Believe it or not, I was about to donate this book. I've been going through a bunch of books I haven't read in a while and thinning the collection. This post made me go back and get it out of the donation pile!


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