Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rainy Days

The last couple of days here in Memphis have been rainy, so the streets are aglitter with the shimmery oil drippings of the commuters' vehicles, and chemicals of many colors, all so beautiful in their toxicity.

"How", we think "can pollution look so lovely?"

Rain, oh relaxing lullaby drizzling down, how you do remind me of my childhood. How safe we felt in the protection of our home and family... the lucky ones of us, I say as I'm sure that the rain may at this very moment reminding someone less fortunate than myself of other, darker childhood memories.

The memory floods back into my mind of a cool, misty morning... the rain was pouring down as my Mother made our way safely to the elementary school. There was something that comforted me, knowing that our classrooms would be dim as we watched the windows, painted with the blur of the colors outside soaked in raindrops.

The thunder and sounds of the storm gave me such a cozy feeling, as I eyed my Snoopy lunchbox, thermos filled with tea, knowing that my peanut butter and jelly sandwich waited patiently for me. Yes, I knew even then how to appreciate the blessings of the occasional wet wonderland.

Let our minds rewind as we enjoy a rainy childhood memory courtesy of "Pooh".

So the following verse was never really heartfelt for me:

"Rain, Rain go away... 
Come again another day." 

I was always happy on rainy days.


  1. Such a lovely post Jackie. I'm a huge fan of the rain too (high five girlfriend)! I've always found it soothing—there's a healing quality to it. The best is when it rains as you fall asleep in bed—the pitter patter above. Ah bliss!

    "Rain rain go away" was a rhyme that I couldn't relate to as well. Do you remember "Robin in the Rain"? I used to love that song.

    I used to love walking to school in the rain. It gave me a chance to wear my red raincoat (which I adored) and carry an umbrella (which is always exciting for a kid). The only down side to the rain were the smelly worms that came out. But even still, I could endure them for the joy of walking in the rainfall. :)

    That Pooh clip...how perfect.

  2. now do we still have the Pooh VHS tapes? the kids wore them out - loved them all!

  3. Thank you Chell!! :) I am so glad you are a "rain child" as I am, and that this post brought back some lovely memories... yes, the worms are a small price to pay. If one likes to fish, I guess they're even better.

    I was never much on fishing but my older sister was.

    I just enjoyed stomping in the puddles. haha.

  4. Furtheron: loved Winnie the Pooh too. Come to think of it, I've never had any of the Pooh series on tape/dvd. Must haves for sure. Too cute that your kids wore them out—a great tribute to the series in fact. :)

    Aunt Jackie: this rain-child loved/loves jumping in puddles. Oh the thrill! :)

  5. Chelly, your friend "Aunt Jackie" wrote a great piece here--I loved this 'Rainy Days' blog! I always thought rainy days got a bad rap--I loved them as a kid as much as I do now. (Well, except for the dorky yellow hat my mom made me wear on the walk to school that matched my raincoat!)

    Speaking of dorky, I grew up in a large farmhouse (there were 6 of us kids, 3 boys 3 girls--sound familiar?) and on rainy days I'd go thru the house, grab up all the books I could find and transform my bedroom into a library--then make my brothers and sisters check out their own books :)

  6. Hi Doug!

    I loved Aunt Jackie's post too! I'll be sure to let her know how much you liked it.

    The yellow hat sounds so cute! My brother had a yellow raincoat too. I had a red one and boy did I ever love it! It had a hood but I would've preferred a hat. :)

    You had your very own Brady Bunch (which brother were you: Greg, Peter or Bobby) and you grew up on a farm. You lived out my childhood dreams. :)

    I love, love the library memory that you shared and that you signed out books for your siblings. So creative! Nothing like playing and make believe when you're a kid!

  7. Chelly, you are one of the kindest people I've ever met. :)

    (Oh and for the record, I was the middle boy, Peter!)

  8. Many thanks Doug. :)

    Peter episodes were always fun!


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