Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bewitched: A Vision of Sugar Plums

"A Vision of Sugar Plums" was a lovely yuletide episode of Bewitched that aired on Christmas Eve 1964 during the show's first season.

Synopsis: When an orphan who's lost his belief in Santa Claus visits the Stevens' for Christmas, Samantha takes him on a magical journey to the North Pole to visit the real deal.

A cup of piping hot cocoa is strongly recommended while viewing.



  1. Chelly, this is weird--I was just telling a friend on Friday how one of the first tv shows I saw in color was "Bewitched" (when our family got a color tv set in 1967). I'm old enough to remember when this was in prime-time (Thursday nights at 8pm on ABC) and for all the shows that had Christmas episodes, I think Bewitched did it best :)

  2. So cool Doug!

    I remember when we first got a color tv—boy was I ever thrilled. I can't remember what the first show I watched in color was. Not only did you get a color tv but you had a "magical" show to look forward too. What was the reception like for Bewitched when it first aired? Such a great show to watch when you're a kid (it's still pretty cool when you're an adult).

    I've always loved this episode. Something about Elizabeth Montgomery that's so regal and at the same time comforting. What a beauty. Love her voice too. Her Samantha Stevens seemed like one of those moms who live in your neighbourhood who are always so kind and pleasant.


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