Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Christmas Raccoons (1980)

A touching story that's well told and a treat to watch: three homeless raccoons and a kindly dog fight a greedy aardvark millionaire in an attempt to save their forest from destruction. A typical 80s cartoon plot but there are unique nuances and observations alongside a moving soundtrack that makes this special worth watching. One of my favorites indeed.


  1. Forgotten about them... after my childhood but definitely in my sons who was born in 1990... I don't know whether they were just one repeat or didn't reach us on this side of the pond until then

  2. Yes, it's been awhile since I watched them myself. There were originally only four specials which were then followed by five seasons of episodes.

    So nice of you to stop by. :)

  3. I love raccoons! I can't believe that I totally forgot about this special though. I vaguely remember seeing one of them. It must have been the one that you have mentioned here. It was nice being reminded about this.

  4. Thanks so much Lara! :)


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