Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Lost Voice

Remember when Carol Brady had laryngitis just before her Christmas day solo at church?

A lovely episode indeed. Like a dream, it captured so many of those moments that make Christmas beautiful for a child—well except for the part where Mike Brady beats the crap out of the department store Santa for promising Cindy that Carol would get her voice back in time for the Christmas morning service. Okay, that didn't happen (it only felt like it) nor did that Santa exactly promise such a thing (as Cindy and Mike suggested). Working-class Santa merely comforted the little pixie—who wouldn't? Mike in turn chastised the man harshly—the equivalent of being pantsed I'd say. As a kid, I felt for that Santa (much like I felt for that "silly rabbit" who was repeatedly denied Trix cereal by those overindulgent kids). If anyone needed a scolding, it was Mike who left Cindy alone in the lineup while he exchanged a gift on another floor. Oh Mike! Rather liking papa Brady in general, I forgave him for his momentary madness soon after.

There were so many lovely aspects to this episode: the decorations, the colours, the cards on the wall, the presents, the tree, the serious manner in which the children wrapped and hid gifts for their siblings, the kids sneaking a peak at the tree in the still of the night, the anticipation, the music, the look on Cindy's face as she tells her father "he's better than a doctor, he's Santa Claus" while It Came upon a Midnight Clear plays in the background and the joy of the family when Carol gets her voice (and groove) back.

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