Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Sights of the Season: The Perfect Tree


  1. the ones in the second to last one look like how I used to draw them - i.e. all the same size triangle, never did get the hang of that concept - but this proves I could have been a professional artist - if only doing the backgrounds on the Christmas edition of Charlie Brown LOL

  2. and what a great gig that would've been! :)

  3. Cute--you can actually buy a Charlie Brown tree at Walgreens (if they have them in Canada!)

    I've always loved the pink and silver aluminum trees of the 60s myself. :)

  4. Pam: We don't have Walgreens here but I did see a Charlie Brown tree in the Sears Christmas Wish book! :)

    I agree, the pink and silver trees are gorgeous. Just love the colors in these stills from the Charlie Brown special.

  5. Pink and silver trees are kind of nice but I'd want to have one in addition to the traditional tree. We used to get live ones all throughout the 1980s which I loved. We had a smaller fake one in our basement living room for a few years. Mom bought it at Bradlees where she used to work. The box was really big and it turned out that they gave us one with like 5 of them in it which of course we were honest and returned the other 4.


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