Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Secret Railroad: Update

Source: The Secret Railroad - tvo

Attention die hard fans of The Secret Railroad: some welcome news...

"J" has kindly shared the following purchase information for the English version of this TVO Classic on VHS:
Hey everybody, I stumbled across this thread while searching for another childhood great "Ludwig" and thought I could help. I searched for episodes of The Secret Railroad about 7 years ago and found them ... the entire series! They were sold in Montreal through a company called Filmoption International ( They had the rights to the original archives (I believe) and they made VHS dubs off of that... yes, I said VHS. You'll probably be hard pressed to find this on DVD, but possibly VHS. Hope this helps...Consequently, I work at TVO. We're always fighting to try and get those old but great shows available to fans. It's just that it's extremely expensive.  I'd be happy to provide more info if you'd like. Keep up the good fight.—j.

Many thanks to "J" for the information. I'll follow up with Filmoption and see if there are any copies still available (fingers crossed). If anyone has any luck in this matter, let us know. Cheers! Don't forget to revisit the original post and comment thread.

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