Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Retro Toys

I'm in awe of the photo sets dedicated to retro toys on Flickr. Shutterbugs/toy enthusiasts have kept their beloved childhood playthings in such good care or have attempted to recreate their early collections as adult packrats. Below are a selection of toys via Flickr that still (I'm unashamed to admit) render me into childlike fits of joy.

Blueberry Muffin and Cheesecake
I had the same version of Blueberry Muffin in fifth grade—kindred spirits and BFFs we were. I can't recall whether her adorable pet mouse named "Cheesecake" was a part of the package. Blueberry Muffin belonged to the Strawberry Shortcake series of dolls and was the only member of the Shortcake family to grace my home. I used to love removing her shoes and then putting them back on again.


Source: Luna Ball on Flickr

Little Twin Stars
Sanrio had many delightful characters. I was given a set of Little Twin Stars stickers and stationary by a friend in elementary school. It was my first and only introduction to the characters. Our time together was fleeting but I've loved them since. The photo below features a collection of the Little Twin Stars dolls.

Little Twin Stars 1976 doll family update photo

Source: Siri_Mae_doll on Flickr

My Melody
My Melody was another beloved member of the Sanrio family. My collection was not as elaborate as that in the photograph below: it was not much of a collection at all—simply a sheet of stickers given to me by my parents but beautiful ones at that. Preserved for all eternity in an old photo album.

My Melody Stickers

Source: Suki Melody on Flickr

Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty, the Queen of Sanrio. I discovered her in second grade: it was love at first sight. Hello Kitty products weren't as prevalent in the shops back then and I was clueless as to where they were sold. Suffice to say, I was much older when I participated in the Hello Kitty frenzy. I always admired from afar though.

Hello Kitty Figures.

Source: ♫♥Ollyandme♥♫  on Flickr

Readers of this blog will know that Charlie Brown, Snoopy et al. own my heart. Best friends, soul mates...they were there for me from the beginning.

A Charlie Brown Valentine's game Sababa Toys 2007 (5)

Source: CheshireCat666 on Flickr

The Smurfs
The Smurfs were so deeply interconnected into my childhood, I'm surprised I didn't turn a shade of blue. I am however, fluent in Smurf.

smurf army

Source: Yosharyu on Flickr


  1. As I said before I didn’t grow up with a whole lot of popular toys but I did manage to get one or two of the Strawberry short cake dolls, It was strawberry and I think, no I’m pretty sure it was blueberry as well.
    My dad always made the excuse of me being too old for those things. In fact I’m pretty sure I was the right age in that crazy 80’s decade for the toys. I was naive and impressionable since I didn’t have any one else to look to. But that’s ok, I was lucky to have at least a few friends in the neighborhood that had those fun things and were willing to share their popular treasure. Plus I always managed to make my own things too, so it all works out.

    BTW the Hello Kitty stuff is really cool.

    1. Hi Tina! :) Your dad sounds a lot like my dad. Two peas in a pod. If it weren't for my mum, I wouldn't have even had the few toys that I did have. From the list above, I only had Blueberry Muffin, five smurfs, and a couple of Sanrio stickers. Hello Kitty stuff was not as prevalent in the shops back then. I had no idea where they were sold. I had a friend who had literally hundreds of smurfs. Totally blew me away. It was exciting to see her collection. Just like you, my imagination made up for the limited number of toys in my toy box and it made for some wonderful and unforgettable adventures! I think it's so cool that you made some of your own toys too—it's no wonder you are such a great artist. So creative. My brother and I used to make smurf houses out of cardboard boxes. It was lots of fun battling Gargamel! So here's to our imaginations! Cheers. :)


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