Friday, June 01, 2012


Remember Goody Snap Tight Kiddie Barrettes? They were a part of my daily grooming ritual in elementary school. I had a few dozen packets of these colourful hair accessories—a set to match every conceivable outfit (and I had some doozies). I often treated them as playthings: at times they spoke to one an another and commiserated on a day of hair adorning, other times they had flings (no, I'm not weird I used to do this for crayons, numbers and letters of the alphabet too), once in a while they behaved like insects and sometimes they simply came together for a makeshift game of "concentration". My mother lovingly stored them for me in a blue Danish butter cookie tin (which also housed several beautifully patterned pairs of hair ribbons but that's a topic for another day). The biscuit tin had a quaint cottage interior painted on the top: a warm memory forever imprinted in my mind. Oh if I could but find that tin or even the image of the cottage again...or even my old barrettes for that matter. They're so deeply ingrained into my childhood experience. I still remember Mum placing them in my freshly combed hair: two braided pigtails down the back, of course.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the memories. What little girl didn't have them. It was a must for every little girl, like skip rope, hopscotch and hand games.
    I probably still have a few hidden in some junk pile just waiting for an excavation like someone looking for old bones in some rock.
    When I was little I mostly had short helmet hair and rarely had long hair since it was too fine to really do much with it except stick a few barrettes or ribbons in it but then they always fell out cause of the fine hair.

    1. Aw! Love your memory too. Thanks so much for sharing. Yes, almost every girl had these barrettes. Skip rope, hopscotch and hand games were part of the little girl code back then. Fun times.


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