Thursday, June 28, 2012

RIP Don Grady

"It’s a cliche, but Don was the guy we looked up to because he was our big brother. The lines blur when you’re working with them and living with them so many hours a day. Don was the oldest, so we were emulating him."—Barry Livingston ("Ernie Douglas", My Three Sons)

Don Grady (1944-2012) was a father, brother, actor, musician, composer, former Mousketeer and beloved 60s sitcom star. He sadly passed away on Wednesday, at the age of 68, after a long battle with cancer. When Tim Considine, the actor who played eldest son "Mike" for the first five seasons (1960-1965) of My Three Sons left the series, Don Grady's character "Robbie" became the resident eldest son in the Douglas household until the series ended in 1972. Sadly, Doris Singleton, the actress who played his mother-in-law on the series passed away a day before on June 26.

He certainly was a handsome fella. I loved his voice, the way he spoke. So sad to lose these beloved actors who graced TV sets for many a childhood, decades over. Take a stroll down memory lane: sit back and watch an episode of My Three Sons below. PS: I recently wrote a post on the series.


  1. RIP
    This show was before my time so I don't know much about it. I'm sure my mother enjoyed this show on Nick at night though.
    I know she wishes this was shown again along with some other shows like Father knows best est.

    1. Hi Tina! :) I loved this show as a kid and still do. Tell your mum that there are many episodes of My Three Sons on YouTube. It was before my time too but thankfully all those reruns they aired introduced me to a different time and some great writing/acting.


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