Saturday, August 04, 2012

Everything's Archie

Doesn't matter the decade, Archie Comics—ever changing and adapting, have always been a guilty pleasure. Everyone has a box of these somewhere in their home, right?


  1. Archy comics are cool. Even though I never had any of my own, I still enjoyed looking though them at the grocery store. :)

    1. It's always a treat to browse through the Archies at the checkout counter. :)

  2. I only had a few of them but my friend Stacey had a whole bunch so sometimes I would read some of them over at her house.

  3. I only had a few of these but my friend had many and sometimes I would read these when I was over at her house.

  4. I was always a superhero comic book reader (Marvel) and thought Archie comis (having never read one) were dumb. Then one time I somehow ended up with a few (probably a gift from an unknowing relative) and I was surprised to find I enjoyed them. I particularly liked "Little Archie".


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