Thursday, November 08, 2012


I wish I had the countless audio cassette recordings my brother and I made as children. We were dabblers in pretend television shows, stand up, cartoon reenactments, impersonations, science fiction, karaoke (before we knew what it was) and any other conceivable use that a kid could make of a cassette tape. Being older, my brother usually wrote, produced and directed our features. Bitten by the creative bug I joined production ranks and soon it was a free for all of improvisation and laughter. Audio cassettes seemed like magical toys that contained music and voices. Clearly, I didn't understand the science of magnetic recording back then (I'm still not fully there and if I'm being honest, telephone signals still leave me in awe). My parents still have boxes of tapes from the 70s. Many assorted golden hits collections alongside the likes of John Denver, Bobby Vinton, Freddy Fender, Cher, the Jackson Five and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to name a few. Those were fun and slightly trippy times.

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