Saturday, December 08, 2012

Christmas Coloring

A simple childhood Christmas joy was receiving holiday themed coloring books.

Whenever mum or dad popped over to the corner store or did the Christmas groceries, there would be a delectable coloring book in one of their shopping bags. Over the decades, these books never changed much: most featured a cheerful Santa replete with a bag of toys, decorated trees, faithful reindeer or other such delights unique to Christmas folklore. It was a reminder of the excitement to come and also a wonderful way of calming overly energetic children hopped up on candy and anticipation by igniting their creative juices. Equipped with a host of crayons (Crayola) and pencil crayons (Laurentien), I remember spending hours immersed within those pages of newsprint. The best part was seeing a story come to life by your own hand. My favorite was the 'Twas the Night Before Christmas coloring book I received in the late 70s. Simple and sweet joys of the season.

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