Monday, December 17, 2012

Family Tree

Our family tree circa the early 1980s. I wish I remembered the exact year this photo was taken but unfortunately the date escapes me. How I loved the angel atop the tree (she was a much loved member of the family) and the Santa figurine below—he always had one finger to his lips as if to say: "Shhh, important Santa business underway." When the tree was lit up, as it is for so many children, we entered a world of magic. My brother and I stared at the brightly-colored ornaments or played hide and seek behind the branches. Our experience was akin to that of Chip and Dale when they first became acquainted with a Christmas tree: wide-eyed wonder.  I don't know how my parents afforded so many presents back then. I credit my Mum with scrimping and saving every last penny. Every Christmas, she would kindly ask us to wait for her to at least get out of bed before we ripped the carefully selected Christmas paper from the gifts into confetti—just so she could see the joy on our faces. It was one of those rare moments where she sat still unencumbered by all the cooking, guest-welcoming, telephone handling duties that occupied her day. Three hundred and sixty five days a year she was busy but we always came first, especially on Christmas. For me Christmas is synonymous with my mother. She made those happy times possible. She breathed them to life, just by being herself and trying so hard.


  1. Not that dissimilar to the version we have at home right now!

    1. Love that! :) It has to be my favourite of all our trees over the years. So many sweet memories associated to that tree.


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