Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Sweet Story

As a kid, I was severely asthmatic. Understandably my mum banned me from consuming all sweets or phlegm-inducing food of any kind. No real problem, except for the fact that my one true passion at the time was to devour anything with abnormally large amounts of sugar, chocolate or toffee. Sadly for my brother who did not come under the jurisdiction of the ban but because of yours truly, was severely limited in ingesting such goodies because they were scarce in our home (and also out of overwhelming guilt over and compassion for his pathetic younger sibling), felt bad about sneaking in a few bites when the opportunity presented itself. But he was human, so sneak in a few bites he did—with my parents help to boot. I never knew at the time that mum would wrap Turtles chocolate in paper towels and sneak it into his pocket for recess. Although, I must confess, I never made it easy for my brother to indulge. If I even smelled chocolate or saw his mouth move, I would run over to him and (I kid you not) forcibly open his mouth to see if there were any sweets in there. If perchance there were, I would cry and then angrily run over to my father and yell "How could you? What about me?!" I would then promptly grab my father's hair, give it a good hard tug and then storm out of the room in tears—leaving my father to rub his sore scalp behind me. 

My family found these chocolate related temper tantrums (brat attacks) extremely funny at the time and still do. Every now and then I get laughter-pealed reminders of these disgraceful childhood outbursts. Shucks and I thought I had buried the memories deep within the annals of denial that exist in my brain. No such luck.

Sheesh, bratty much?


  1. Haha Chelly you forced open your brothers mouth?! You poor kid, I can't imagine going without candy when I was a kid--especially if I was the only one in the family not getting any!

    I hope you get to eat some of those turtles now... darn it now I'm craving 'em :)

  2. Awwh come on. You were a kid and that's not an easy thing to deal with at that age. Especially the feeling of being left out of a social situation of sharing the love.

    You are too hard on your self.

    I'm sure your parents could have given you something special and secret that only you could have gotten. But either your parents did not think of it or maybe they just didn't want to start something else.
    Just a friendly though.

    But one thing is for sure, love is something that was freely shared with every one in the family.

    But in my family its a bit more difficult to express apparently. Old school I guess. Sort of like your chocolate. LOL

    Happy Family day.

    BTW surprised you didn't blog on the death of the guy that invented the Etch a sketch?


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