Friday, November 29, 2013

Another Swing Story

Having an accelerating and fully-occupied child swing collide with your lips is a regrettable experience.

It's not just the humiliation of this occurring before a crew of your peers nor is it the crushing pain or the sight of your own dripping blood but a combination of all three alongside the onset of shock that irrevocably freeze-frames this event in the less than joyous regions of your personal memory bank. A fantastical playground transformed into a place of trauma. Being six years old was never so hard.

The added fear of telling your parents (translation: the dread of having to hear "how could you stand in front of a moving swing—you should know better!") and frantic trips to the ER and pharmacy (for pain killers) while everyone continued to ask "how could you let this happen to yourself?" made the day longer and the suffering more intense. Being called "fat lip" didn't help much either.

Sometimes in childhood there are unexpected silver linings to the most difficult of situations. The silver lining to having your lip whacked by an advancing swing in your building's backyard was receiving my first Barbie along with a fold out house and some inflatable furniture. Woe betide you fat lip, 70s Barbie's in the house! Toys from the 1970s were so much more fun than any of the decades that followed. It certainly lessened the pain of that swing on my lip.

There you have it, another happy ending to a trying swing story.

1977 fashion photo Barbie
Source: photo by Freddycat1 (Flickr) - Barbie circa 1977



  1. Yeah I got the same old stupid thing happen to me at 5 years of age. I chased the neighbors cat down the wooden stairs of the back of our house. Those stairs really weren't too far from the ground but they might as well have been to a 5 year old. So yeah I chased the orange short haired kitty down the stairs thinking that I could persuade the kitty to chance the nice string with paper ribbon on the end of it and before I could get half way down the stairs I rolled the rest of the way down via tripping. I landed on a rubber unwelcome mat which had some wires sticking out of them. I called it an unwelcome mat since the darn thing ripped my upper lip open. I got several stitches out of that, one yellow lolly pop and one of those wind up toy TVs if I took the band-ad off the stitches. I eventually did.

    But anyways, that is some nice Barbie swag you got for your troubles. I think a friend of mind had some of those inflatable furniture sets.

    1. OMG Tina! That was such an awful fall—thank goodness your lip healed and there weren't any broken legs/bones. Gosh, did that unwelcome mat have to have wires sticking out of it? Your lip injury was worse than mine. Glad you got that lollypop and toy.

      It was really sweet of your five year old self to chase the kitty with the string though. :)


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