Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Snowman: the Father Christmas Intro

Even Father Christmas likes watching The Snowman. The man's got taste:


  1. Loved these one too but my favorite not shown here was a short called Mousehole the cat. I hope I spelt it correctly but I probably didn't.
    I just loved the way they told the story from the perspective of a seasoned lady kitty who would go out on fishing trips with her old fisherman master. I think is a Norwegian or English tail of some type. It plays like an animatic but it just adds charm to the story. I've even managed to get a recipe I liked based on a dish they serve in the story. Star Gazing pie.

    Another show an animated movie from England I think, I loved was called BFG. It was about a little girl who befriends a big friendly giant who she assumes as big, man eating and scarey. But that all changes as the story progresses as she finds out that not is all that it seems.

    1. Tina, I remember the Mousehole the Cat! It was beautifully done. It's on youtube:

      Also they have a clip called "The Making of the Mousehole Cat":

      Thanks for reminding me of this gem! I don't recall the second one you mentioned. It does sound quite good. Will have to look that one up. :)

  2. Anonymous1/08/2014

    Have you seen the Snowman and the Snowdog - great reprise of the original Snowman with a new companion. Worth checking out

    1. I agree with you, definitely worth checking out. I saw the Snowman and the Snowdog last month and was taken with how charming it was. Love that they incorporated the original boy's story into this sequel. The Snowdog was adorable. Beautiful animation.


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