Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cool Cool Summers

Yes, it's me, Jax (a.k.a. "Aunt Jackie").

I'm a terrible blogger these days, I haven't posted regularly and I intend to get back to doing so, I do love writing. However, I was reading through and something made me feel like posting a thought about summers past.

July is nearly over here in super-hot, humid, muddy, steamy, sizzling Memphis, Tennessee. Kids will be going back to school this coming Monday, much to their parents' jubilation and the kids' own dismay, and that means that although, while still quite a few more hot days remain, the summer fun inevitably fades into fall. The seasons wind down, and the holidays soon approach once more. It seems like we just celebrated and rang in the new year (bittersweet for me actually).

When I was growing up, we started school a bit later in August usually. But it seemed like summers lasted forever, and were much more happy times. Of course when you're kids, your biggest responsibility is cleaning your room, and your biggest worry is that boy that you like so much but he doesn't even know you're alive. 

Funny how the more some things change, the more they stay the same, because of course I have more responsibilities as an adult, but it seems that same 15 year old girl still lives inside me with all of her crushes and unrequited love. As Picasso said, "It takes a long time to become young." Young at heart is not always easy, it is a job for the strong kids.

With the weight of responsibility, stress and heaviness that comes with these protective 'adult costumes' that we have to wear, however, it is soooo refreshing at times to take a trip back to the past, and hang with our perhaps ten year old selves for a while, enjoying our summer, dreaming, watching clouds roll by, jumping out into the yard barefoot when the grass is still semi-cool with morning dew, as the day slinks along, growing warm, warmer, then warmer still.

We would hook up the water hose to the sprinkler, run, jump and stomp around making puddles, cooling ourselves on those unbearably hot, Southern Summer Days (the "Dog Days of Summer some have called them). Little, innocent feet… bee-stung perhaps, but not yet calloused from the miles walked through a harsh adult world.  Hopeful feet, the kind of feet that can't imagine anything better than being covered in Mississippi Mud, clover and freshly cut grass, or being rinsed off by running through the sprinkler before retiring for the night to collecting june bugs and listening to the sweet songs of young crickets and wise old frogs. Ahhhhhh, sweeeeet child of mine...

Welcome home, August.


  1. ah, Jackie this was a beautiful read. I feel like I've just been transported to beautiful Memphis. You captured summer days in childhood perfectly. Running through sprinklers and watching the clouds roll by, hearing the crickets and frogs....ah just lovely. We always started school the day after Labour Day. I remember my American kin always started in August and just thinking back then that I could never handle going back so early. Mind you I was painfully shy back then and nerdy, so that probably had something to do with it. :) :) Summertime was for playing and dreaming and I always wanted more of that.

    Hugs to you Jackie!

  2. The same here lol… we can never have enough play time!! =)

  3. Greetings from the west coast. Found you through the Garage Sale Finds blog. Since it seems we both miss our childhoods, I figured we'd have quite a few things in common.

    I often think back about those long, endless summers of my childhood, and try to imagine what a typical day was like. Aside from riding my BMX bike with my buddies around the neighborhood or playing my Atari 2600, I don't remember much…but I do know that summers seemed to last forever, and that each day's fun would end when the streetlights came on at dusk (that was typically the signal for all of us to go home).

    As a native angeleno, I'm so used to L.A.'s westside culture that words like "Mississippi mud," clover and frogs sound so exotic and otherworldly to me. I'm glad that they were a part of your happiness as much as BMX bikes and Atari were to me. Thanks for sharing, and I'll definitely take some time to browse around here. See ya!

    1. Hi Narvo! A treat to read your memories. I totally remember the streetlights thing. The universal signal for packing it in for the day, just so we could start all over the next day. :) The post above was written by Jackie who hails from Memphis. We've got posts from contributors from all over. My childhood memories are based in Toronto. Cool to have a west coast reader here. Welcome! :)


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