Monday, July 21, 2014

RIP James Garner

One of my earliest TV watching memories is of James Garner in the Rockford Files. Everyone in my family watched the show with reverence—the theme song regularly blared away (and gloriously so) in our home. The tune captures a snapshot of those early days in a way that I could never fully describe. I miss the 70s when I hear it:

Speaking of snapshots, all those Polaroid commercials Garner did with Mariette Hartley were a thing of wonder at the time. The cusp of technology, we thought. Having Garner himself advertise the camera made it all the more appealing. When we got our first Polaroid, I was beside myself with glee. Oh all the unnecessary photos taken simply for the sake of observing them materialize instantly before one's eyes (some things don't change right?):

RIP James Garner, you were one of a kind.


  1. firstly ... the night I first was introduced to my wife.. well clearly she wasn't my wife then ... anyway... I was planning a charity gig in a big band jazz/show band I was in. We played the Rockford Files theme - remember it well. Anyway this girl came up (sounding like a Thin Lizzy lyric now!) and she talks to my mate the drummer, she'd done some production (Wizard of Oz I think) and he'd been in the band for that. He says "Hello - this is my mate." She says hello.... my drummer mate sods off like he always did when a female showed interest in him - he could pull quicker than lightening but never really spotted it. So she was left talking to me. "I liked the Rockford Files. Do you play Starsky and Hutch?" over 30 years later we're still together...

    Anyway - also odd was that BBC had Grand Prix on in full HD on Sunday and I was planning to watch it as I'd not seen it in donkey's years - it comes on and they say it is in tribute to him I'd not known he'd died the day before and their scheduling look a touch spooky

    1. First of all, you're a wonderful storyteller G., even in a comment thread! I love how you and your wife met, so cool. What a great line to kick off a lifelong love affair: "I liked the Rockford Files. Do you play Starsky and Hutch?" Brilliant! :)


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