Thursday, July 10, 2014

WKRP News, Fellow Babies


Good news for fans of WKRP in Cincinnati: a 13-DVD complete series set (four seasons in total) will soon be available for purchase from Shout! Factory. Created by Hugh Wilson, WKRP in Cincinnati (1978-1982) was an American sitcom about a fledgling radio station venturing into an all rock format. The show follows the adventures of the charming eccentrics/misfits staffed at the station, as they attempt to make headway in the industry. According to actor Tim Reid (DJ Venus Flytrap), all four seasons of the series will be released in a boxed set with the original music. For those who purchased the 2007 DVD release of season one (the only DVD of the series released to date) this is huge: as most of the music for that initial release was replaced by generic substitutes to avoid using unlicensed musical content. The catch for fans was that either you got an edited version of the original episodes to compensate for the ridiculously high music-licensing costs or you got nothing at all. Fans who were passionate about the original rock infused soundtrack of the series (including tunes from Pink Floyd, Bob Seger, Foreigner, Elton John, the Eagles etc.) found the cheaper replacement tunes disappointing. After all what’s a show about an up and coming radio station without the tunes of the day? If WKRP was an ensemble cast of actors, then the music was a supporting cast member. The blending of storylines, performances and music was magical. If you grew up watching WKRP as a kid, like I did, then the music featured on the show is one of many soundtracks permeating through your childhood. Fingers crossed for the inclusion of these original tracks. More info:

"Shout! Factory has finally announced their release date for WKRP in Cincinnati - The Complete Series 13-DVD set, with all four seasons of the show. If you want to buy this in stores, or at general online retailers such as (see button link below), the street date will be October 28th. However, the studio is also making it available early via their online store at, and if you order there (button link also below) then they will ship it to you five weeks early, on September 23rd. Cost is $139.99 SRP, and you will get a discount buying it from either Amazon or from Shout! Factory (actually, SF's discounted cost right now is a little bit lower). Details about extras, and music inclusions, still haven't been announced yet, but stay tuned for that!"

UPDATE: WKRP DVD box set song list (what made the cut in pink and what didn't in grey) via NPR.

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