Tuesday, August 12, 2014

RIP Robin Williams (1951-2014)

Sources: IMDB, THR

Nothing but love for this great man. x


  1. Now its a little less funny in the world. RIP Robbie. :(
    Too bad he could not see though the fog of how many people were made happy though his jokes and antics.

    Mental illness I know first hand how that is, though family.
    I had to witness that ugly monster since I was little many times on my own. Not fun. It was those times I really wish I had a grandma or someone really close to help me deal with family members with this.
    Then there's the segregation via some neighbors. Not fun. :(
    So if any one sees some fellow man in this situation, please have consideration and be there for the person dealing with a family member with MI. It would be very helpful because sometimes its a lonely walk.

  2. He was always haunted by peoples' persistent memories of his role as Mork. It's too bad he didn't realize what an honor that was.


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