Saturday, April 08, 2017

Crystal Gayle

Crystal Gayle's "We Must Believe in Magic" was part of our eclectic 70s record collection. I recall sitting by our stereo/8-track/record player, listening along with our big ass headphones (the kind with the long curly cord). It was a great way to occupy my time when I was lonely for Mum during her long shifts at the nursing home in the early 80s. I took a fancy to Crystal's lovely voice and especially her hair when I was a kid. I was both in awe of and perplexed by her hair (and also the fact that she was Loretta Lynn's little sister). Even though, my hair reached just below the gluteal region, I still couldn't conceive of someone having floor length hair. As much as I adore long hair, managing it is a nightmare. Ms. Gayle seemed to have it down all the time (I think she still does). I remember her saying it would get caught on door knobs or drag on the floor. I always had my hair in pony tails, braids, french braids or tied up in ribbons—very rarely was it ever down.

Hair aside, I loved her music and revered her stint on The Muppet Show.

Artist: Crystal Gayle
Album: We Must Believe in Magic
Released: 1977
Genre: Country
Label: United Artists
Producer: Allen Reynolds
1. "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue" (Richard Leigh) – 2:37
2. "I Wanna Come Back to You" (Johnny Christopher/Samuel Hogin) – 2:54
3. "River Road" (Sylvia Fricker Tyson) – 3:08
4. "It's All Right with Me" (Cole Porter) – 2:32
5. "Going Down Slow" (B. Bond) – 3:41
6. "All I Wanna Do in Life" (Allen Reynolds/Sandy Mason Theoret) – 2:26
7. "Make a Dream Come True" (Larry Kingston) – 3:06
8. "Green Door" (Bobby David/Marvin Moore) – 3:11
9. "Funny" (L. Anderson) – 2:05
10. "We Must Believe in Magic" (Bob McDill/Allen Reynolds) – 4:09

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  1. My nieces and I used to play Crystal Gayle records and sing along, like we were putting on concerts when we were little kids. Made our parents come watch our "concerts" lol


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