Thursday, December 15, 2016

Retro Episodes of Tiny Talent Time, Anyone?

Bill Lawrence with performer, 1974.
Photo: B. King (Toronto Star)

Received a lovely comment from a sibling of a former Tiny Talent Time performer asking if anyone had recorded old episodes of the show from 1982, with the hopes of finding footage of her sister tap dancing on the show.

"My sister Jennifer Aucoin was on Tiny Talent Time in/around 1982... anyone out there have a home copy of any of that years shows? Our family didn't have a video recording device yet but I know they were starting to become popular around that time... I'm hoping that maybe someone else out there may have a tape of it... not sure what the air date was.. she was wearing a white fluffy dress with red polka dots and I believe her routine was a tap dance to the song 'chirpy chirpy cheep cheep'? Would love to get a copy for our family. I think it would be cool if everyone who had any recordings from the original runs would share them, we could probably make our own archive of the show... even if CHCH didn't save them... I know it would bring great joy to a lot of people to be able to share their moments of fame."—Amanda Aucoin

Love the idea of fans creating an archive of old footage. Can anyone help out Amanda? Fingers crossed.

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