Friday, April 28, 2017

Eeyore's Birthday Party

Most of us have an affection for Winnie the Pooh and gang, if not at least an appreciation for them as they were a heavy presence in most of our childhoods. I, myself always liked these cartoons, and at times felt I most identified with Tigger. However, there have been plenty of moments that I felt more like Eeyore, the lovable but perpetually pessimistic and depressed Donkey. I think we all have a great deal of both in our lives, and that's why it is important to be kind to one another, pay the love forward whenever we can, kiss and make-up whenever possible, and forgive often, even when we might not receive the apology we so desperately feel we deserve. This is Life, nothing is permanent or set in stone.

However, I must digress, I just wanted to take a moment today to recognize Eeyore's Birthday, which is not ACTUALLY April 28th. If you study the lore and history of Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore's Birthday is actually noted as falling  on the 10th of May, 1871 which the date when he was made. If I remember correctly, Eeyore was, of course, depressed because he thought his friends had forgotten his birthday, when in fact they had planned a surprise birthday party for him. This happens to us a lot of times in life, we feel things are very bad or we were left out, when something way better than we imagined is the end result, don't you think? Yes we all have a lot of ups and downs, and nothing is ever without its fair share of challenges and difficulties, but if you take a moment to look backward, you might just notice that your track record for making it through, even those moments you thought you were going to fall apart or go crazy? Well so far, you're at 100%!!! That's cause for celebration, in my book.

I'll call mine the "I Woke Up This Morning" party. So, as of this moment? Celebrate everything! (That's an order)

Speaking of Celebrations, and in honor of good ol' sad-sap Eeyore, it just so happens that in Austin, TX (USA), today (Every April 28th) is Eeyore's Birthday Party. This has been going since 1963 to be exact. It includes live music, food and drink vending which benefit local non-profit organizations, attendees in colorful costumes, and very large drum circles. The event is frequented by children and families, with specific events presented for them by the event organizers. The festival is named in honor of Eeyore, the character in A. A. Milne's Winnie-the-Pooh stories. [read all about it here].

Well that's all I wanted to say today, hope you enjoyed and now that you know about his birthday party, I guess if you ever find yourself in Austin, Texas it's something to check out. No matter what we're celebrating today, or any day, though, it's always fun to remember all of those magical times we shared as those sweet, innocent children (the ones who live there within our hearts still), honor them, and let them out to play every once in a while! Life is too short to live otherwise ("If You Ask Me", Said Eeyore(wav). Enjoy your weekend everyone. ;-)

I Miss My Childhood,

Aunt Jackie

Eeyore's Birthday Video!


  1. Aw, happy birthday Eeyore. Love him. It's hard to pick one character I'm most like. But if I had to pick I think it'd be Winnie himself. Their holiday specials are all so sweet. Such great stories; ones that tap into loneliness and existential issues which kids actually do get.

    I like your "I Woke Up This Morning" party. High five to that my friend! :)

  2. Yes I thought it would be a great thing to share, since it was recognized in this way, earlier than his actual birthday, I enjoyed reading about their celebration, and of course I love the Winnie the Pooh characters, found it to be a good way to share that and also throw in a little life inspiration to boot. =)


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