Monday, April 17, 2017

Rotten Eggs

I meant to post a little something for Easter Sunday, and I jarred my back while riding my motorcycle over the weekend, so I was mostly resting with heat and meds.

My childhood years were spent being spoiled to so many family traditions that I guess I thought would never end, and as we grow up, we are forced to realize that "Nothing Gold Can Stay" (just as the Robert Frost poem tried to tell us).

In those early years though, dying Easter eggs with my father on Saturday night (ahh the newspaper, the smell of vinegar, using Mom's cups, those little wire thingys, and mainly just Dad showing me how to do all this), helping with the cooking, and waking up to those baskets full of pretty eggs, candy and goodies was magic. We were always so distraught when we were dragged away from our Easter morning fun to attend the church service (which to us as kids seemed to drag on for hours). Once back home, it was time for the family to all meet there at my childhood home (Mom and Dad's), and eat dinner together, and inevitably do the Easter Egg hunt in the front yard (mostly).

The "Adults" would make everyone stay in the house while they went outside to hide the eggs in easy as well as crazy-tough spots to make the game challenging at least. Once they came back in, the kids (including me until I was probably about 14) would descend upon the yard in a frenzy, searching high and low, trying to 'one up' each other, and gather the most eggs. Don't really recall having any huge prize, we just enjoyed the process as it was. The funniest thing would be, occasionally the next year one might find an egg from the last year's hunt, which would at this point become a grave stink bomb, if stepped on. That could become quite a nightmare, but something we laugh about even now.

Those growing up years had a magic, so inexplicable and strong, the residue of which I still smell from time-to-time (when I close my eyes and think hard enough). Some days it's stronger... or is that the smell of those Rotten eggs? Maybe one of em' is still out there in the yard, undiscovered and protected by the elders of time.

There was a mix up on dinner, as I was intent on eating with one of my sisters and her family, whom I don't get to see often enough. The mix-up was just one of those things, when something comes up and their plan switched, so I wasn't aware. I could have gone anywhere to share dinner with any of my family, but with my back pain, I just elected to rest up and go ahead and allow my back to recover.

Things happen, as adults we know this, and we know it can't be the same as when we were all fairy dust flinging, magic wand waving little believers. We come to realize that sometimes we may step on a rotten egg, one that may have once been freshly colored, covered in glitter and that sparkled with hope at the time, but that we overlooked, so we just clean up the mess and move on.

Besides, things are not always as they seem, and occasionally you find a prize inside an egg that was decorated in a way that only appeared to be rotten.

I Miss My Childhood,

Aunt Jackie


  1. Jax,

    First of all, I hope you feel better soon. It's freaking cool that your ride a motorcycle btw. :) Happy Easter to you!

    I'm absolutely mesmerized by your Tennessee
    childhood. I've just always adored southern culture. Reading about your large family, your fun traditions and the loving way your parents looked after you, is such a treat. Church always seemed to take forever when we were kids.

    Oh man, those rotten eggs. There's always one right? We didn't do egg hunts often but we did colour and decorate eggs. It was all so much fun. I wrote about some of those memories here:

    Wonderful post Jax!

  2. Thanks for this Chelly! I'm definitely reading it, yes Easter was a special time for our family all those year ago. Hard when our traditions start to fade, it's very emotional. Sounds like you had many very similar types of memories with your own family, and nothing can ever take those away from us. Glad you're enjoying, and Happy Spring to you! <3


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