Friday, May 12, 2017

Dear Mama

It's Mother's Day Weekend all over, and though it is being recognized officially on Sunday, you know that we wanted to get started celebrating early here at "I Miss My Childhood". As we stated before, Chelly and I have so many warm, funny as well as serious, but all loving memories of our beautiful mothers. May they both rest in peace and maybe hang out together this weekend knowing their daughters are collaborating over them... have a little glass of wine and smile at us from that next dimension they're partying in... We Love You Mom!!!

So I think what I personally want to do, since we always share so many stories already is to encourage not only us, but YOU, THE READER, to share some of your memories with us below in the comments... We'll share any we think of there too. Let's celebrate those ladies that brought us into the world, whether in person this weekend, or in spirit and ultimately with unconditional LOVE.

Here's my tribute... please add as much as you want, share with us. xoxo

Your favorite Aunt Jackie
(Who Misses Her Childhood)

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  1. Aww, Jax! You made me cry. Thank you so much for the tribute's to not only our beloved moms but to all the mothers out there. It makes me feel such joy in my heart to think that our mothers our up there together thinking of us. Where did I put that tissue box?

    I've been dreading mother's day because it hurts so much. I always loved getting Mum presents and she loved getting pampered. This is my third mother's day without her, it doesn't get easier but like you said, there are so many good times to remember. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a beacon of love and light and helping me deal with my grief. Your words are so healing.

    Your tribute to your Mama is so beautiful. I love that line "a never ending song in my heart". So perfect.

    And to our readers, please share your memories with us too! xo


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