Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Secret Railroad: Jolly Roger

Here's a lovely treat. After some clever deductions, a wonderful reader from Greece has uploaded an episode (in English) of The Secret Railroad for us to enjoy on YouTube!!! Here's how they did it:

ss sk has left a new comment on your post "The Secret Railroad":

"More greetings from Greece. It seems we were blessed that those in charge of the kids programme on Greek national television during the 80's had good taste.

After reading the wiki page I realised there is another source for our beloved animation: The Great Space Coaster. I decided to check it out on Youtube and luckily one of the few uploaded episodes includes some "Secret Railroad" for us! Split in two parts, I managed to extract, join and upload it here (

I trust it's the "Joly Roger railroad" episode. The quality is horrible, my editing software is basic (and it shows) but at least it's in English!

Funs of "Coaster" were (still are?) trying to crowdfund the digital transferring of the original tapes (they have all the episodes) before they age beyond salvation ( That was a long time ago and I don't know the outcome. But still, we get something extra to expect from."

Many thanks to "ss sk"! For those curious about the cartoon and its devoted fan base, read my previous post and its comment thread. At long last, a glimpse of a much loved but elusive childhood favourite. Enjoy!

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